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Keeping the linguistics in corpus linguistics

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What’s corpus linguistics and who’s a corpus linguist?

The question ‘what is corpus linguistics to you?’ was recently posed to Jesse Egbert and me when we joined Robbie Love’s CorpusCast to record an episode where we talked about Doing linguistics with a corpus. Faithful listeners of this excellent podcast will know (a) that all guests are asked this question, and (b) that the…

Is there a role for theory in corpus linguistics?

Is there a role for theory in corpus linguistics? Can corpus data help us to develop, test, and refine linguistic theories? We believe the answer to both of these questions is yes. In this blog post we explain why. But, first, what do we mean by theory? The word theory is often used in everyday…

On general and specific hypotheses and how to test them

In the Element, we talked about issues pertaining to the null hypothesis significance testing (NHST) framework, for example discussing how in corpus linguistics, we often have samples that are large enough that statistical significance doesn’t translate to practical significance (i.e., we may get a statistically significant result, even if our effect size is miniscule). But…

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